Business Blogs and Why it’s Essential Your Website Has One

When most people think about a blog, they think of “bloggers” who share their personal stories. Blogging runs so much deeper than that and is actually a powerful marketing tool. It’s one of the best tools for new businesses to grow their audience and brand, which is why your business website needs a blog! There are a ton of different ways to set up and maintain your blog, and utilizing different strategies will work for different business types and industries.


Let’s take a look at the Reasons Your Business Website Needs a Blog:

  • Blogging improves your website’s SEO as most websites’ SEO is dramatically enhanced by including a quality blog.
  • Each new blog post adds more content to your website. For new websites, in particular, a blog can help search engines better “recognise” you, understand the content you provide better and users they should send your way.
  • Blog posts can accurately position your content to be applicable to specific questions your audience is searching for.
  • Blog posts are generally published more regularly than normal pages on your site are updated. This shows search engines that your site is updated regularly and includes current information.
  • Having an archive of good quality blog posts can maintain visitors on your site, causing them to explore your content for longer. This helps SEO because extended “page time” shows search engines that visitors find your content valuable.
  • Blog content gives you more chances for internal linking of other blog posts throughout your site.
  • Blog posts provide more opportunities for other sites to link back to your site, which promotes inbound links as well.
  • Sharing your expertise allows you to become an industry specialist, therefore publishing blog posts related to topics in your industry helps to identify you as an industry specialist.
  • Blogging helps you to define your brand.
  • Blogging is an easy and efficient way to establish a voice for your brand.
  • Blogging drives more traffic to your website.
  • A user is more prone to becoming your customer once they realise that there is an actual human being behind the product or service in question.
  • Customers and readers who are delighted by your informative blog posts tend to share them with other users on their social media profiles. This is an excellent method of gaining new blog readers and publicity for your business.
  • An established blog also sparks the attention of journalists looking to interview industry experts.

With the right approach and workflow, a blog can definitely help you drive your small business in the direction you want it to go. Get in touch with us today to find out what packages we offer to help you start a blog for your business website!


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