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Nine Tips to Increase Engagement on Facebook

When it comes to trying to increase engagement on Facebook, the key is to keep your members coming back. The more they come, the better engagement you will have. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is widely known as one of the most popular social media platforms. However, the engagement and activity on Facebook vary from user to user and depends largely on how much time a person spends browsing their News Feed. Many large brands have found success by using Facebook for advertising or posting content that they think will be engaging enough to make their page worth following; however, even those brands don’t always see engagement as high as they would like.

If you manage your own business page, there are ways to increase engagement on Facebook without spending money on paid advertisements. Sometimes all businesses need is a little push in the right direction to boost engagement and connect with more potential customers. 

Here we show you nine tips that can help increase engagement on Facebook:

increase engagement on facebook

Tip 1: Keep content fresh and relevant by updating frequently 

As mentioned above, frequent updates are critical when it comes to engagement. It’s also nice to make sure that what you’re posting has some humour or other life in it, something people want to be a part of. Research says that post frequency is one of the most essential factors in determining how much engagement your page will receive. To keep engagement high, it’s recommended that you post at least once daily on your Facebook page. If you can do more than that, your engagement will increase even more.

Tip 2: Use multimedia in posts for an enhanced experience

You can really engage people by using different types of media with the content you post to Facebook. Images, videos and links are all great ways to pull users into engagement on your page. One study shows that including images with status updates leads to significantly higher levels of engagement. When it comes to pictures, consider posting new images throughout the week – not just one every day of the same thing (such as what you eat for lunch). This will create engagement with users because they’ll want to see what is happening every day. Remember, Facebook is about engagement.

Tip 3: Increase Facebook engagement by asking for input from followers

Now, this tip may come across to some as common sense, but it’s also imperative to engage on your page. Which means it’s vital to engage with your business. If you want people to engage with what you post on Facebook, ask them questions! Find out what they think about something and make them part of the experience by sharing their ideas or responses. This will help generate engagement because users are involved in the conversation.

Tip 4: Increase Facebook engagement by engaging with your followers

This is definitely one of the most fundamental tips to increase engagement on Facebook. If you want to gain more engagement, then start by giving more engagement. You can do this by commenting on and liking posts shared by others or just engaging in conversation when another user comments on a post you shared. Put yourself out there and interact with potential customers, and they’ll be more likely to interact back with you.

increase engagement on facebook

Tip 5: Use high-quality images and videos

You should always use professional-looking photos and videos when posting content on Facebook because it is the best way for users to engage. They want visual stimulation from the images that appear in their feed, so if your pictures aren’t up to par, then engagement will likely be low.

Tip 6: Use a Facebook scheduling tool

You can increase engagement on Facebook by using a scheduling tool for your posts because it allows you to plan out what you’ll post in advance, and it also makes sure that there’s enough variety in the content that appears on your page. This is helpful because engagement will decrease rather rapidly if all of your content is similar, but with a posting schedule set up, engagement stays high. I love Later!! 

Tip 7: Keep engagement posts in the mix

This is one of the clearest suggestions, but it is incredible how many companies post engagement posts only once every couple of weeks. While engagement posts are not a necessary part of a successful social media strategy, they work very well in combination with other types of posts. The engagement posts encourage engagement by asking questions or sharing polls and typically get likes and comments, enhancing post visibility for further engagement levels. Make sure to space out these engagement based posts via scheduling tools like Later. This way, even if engagement is not good for one week, it will pick up again after a few other posts.

Tip 8: Keep engagement posts limited

Do not have engagement posts every day. That would be spammy and annoying. Instead, try to keep engagement posts limited to once or twice per week. Even better, if you are running engagements on multiple pages, stagger the times these are posted, so there is no overlap in likes or comments across engagement groups! This way, engagement can continue to grow organically while also giving your audiences something new to talk about!

Tip 9: Keep engagement polls short

While this tip does go along with keeping engagement polls limited (they should be paired together), it requires its own section because of how important this is for successful engagement polling. One of the most common engagement polls is a voting poll. For example, you may ask, “Did you like this post?” and have three options: Yes, No, Let Me Say Something Else.

increase engagement on facebook


The problem is that engagement posts with multiple-choice options typically do not get as much engagement as ones with simple yes or no options because people often do not want to choose either option. Instead, they might write a long comment about what they did or did not like instead of choosing one of the engagement poll options. As a result, engagement numbers for these types of polls will be lower than those without choices!

Remember that an effective way of engaging others on Facebook is to be yourself. Be sure not to post content you think people will respond to because if it’s not genuine, no one will really care about it. Genuineness is what brings engagement. 

If you want to find out more tips on social media for your business, take a look at our blog post on the 7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Right Now! 


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