7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Right Now


I don’t need to tell you how important social media marketing is for your business. It is something that is necessary to implement into your business strategy. Did you know that 90% of brands use social media in order to increase their brand awareness? As great of a marketing tool social media is, it’s useless if you are not using it correctly. The digital age is here to stay and is constantly changing. So instead of seeing social media marketing as a daunting task, use it as a tool to grow your brand.

You want to ensure that your brand has an active social media presence and avoid being just ‘there’. You need to engage on all social media platforms in order to get something out of it.

Are you looking at your pages wondering why you aren’t getting followers or interaction? We’ve all been there, trust me! That is why I am going to break down the 7 ways to improve your social media.

Let’s jump right in!


Know Your Audience

Who is your target audience? This is a vital question to ask yourself. You cannot target everyone, unfortunately, not everyone is going to be interested in your content.

Choosing your target audience will help you figure out which social media platforms you should be on, when you should be posting content, the type of content you should be posting and the voice of your brand.

It is important to conduct a competitive analysis in order to identify how you can make your brand stand out and appeal to your audience.


target audience


Be Human

This is vital!

One of the biggest mistakes to make on your social media platforms is coming off as a brand with zero personality. People want transparency and they want to feel like they know your brand on a personal level. Nobody wants to follow a brand that comes off like a robot that’s unrelatable.

Interact with your followers, make jokes, have fun and give them what they need in a way that makes them feel like they know you.


Social Media


Don’t only focus on selling!

Social selling may be on the rise but that does not mean you should base your social media presence on it.

If you’re in e-commerce then that does change things a tad, as you would push offers and deals on to your followers. However, you don’t have to make them feel like you only want to sell them something.

Offer solutions to your followers problems instead of just throwing your products at them all the time. This way, you gain a lifelong happy customer.


Let’s get visual!

It doesn’t matter what platforms you are posting your content on, photo and video content always crushes it. I know what you are thinking, but you really don’t need fancy equipment or an insane budget. I personally love using Canva for all of my visual content, it is super user friendly and you really get to have a lot of fun while using it.

All you need is to keep it simple with things like:

Photos or videos of your Team
Customer photos
Photos of events you may have had
Behind-the-scenes photos and videos
Photos of quotes that tie in with your brand
Fun fact images


Make Your Presence Known

Let the world know how much effort you’ve put into growing your social media presence.
Someone who comes in to contact with your brand should be a click away from becoming a long-term follower.

Make sure your website has all of the social media platform icons that you use on it, in order to make it easy for people to follow you.


Stay Active

Being inactive on your social media profiles isn’t a good look for your brand. You need to show up daily with fresh content.



Create Content Your Audience Actually Wants To See

People want to see your brand, not a copy and paste with a few changes of someone else’s. That is how you make your brand stand out against the others, by creating. Original content is exactly what you need in order to build your brand and be seen. Whatever content you create, albeit blog posts, research, infographics or an eye-catching image, strive to create content that forces people to stop and look.




Social media is a lot to take in and more often than not it can be overwhelming when you see how many people are crushing it. Don’t let that sway you from your goals and dreams. Always bear in mind that everyone started somewhere, Rome wasn’t built in a day! If you are still not sure how important social media really is for your brand, go take a look at our post on why social media marketing for businesses is important!

These are just a few tips to help you, but make social media your own and have fun with it.

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